First Step Toward CollectCoin V2

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3 min readDec 20, 2021

Dear community, we have received our first audit report from Hacken (Certik is still pending) and the result lets us move forward to launch a fixed contract soon. In order to do so, we have deployed a new version to the Binance Smartchain Testnet and restored all balances so that everyone has the opportunity to validate their personal account balance before we launch to the actual Mainnet.

How do I check my upcoming balance?

To check your balance you need the address of your mainnet account. You can find it in your wallet that currently holds your CLCT tokens, for example in Metamask you find it on the main screen that allows you to copy it to your clipboard:

Metamask showing the address of your account. Click address to copy to clipboard.

With your address copied to the clipboard you go the new contract’s interaction page on the Testnet explorer that allows you direct interaction with our contract:

You scroll down to the area “2. balanceOf” where you paste your address into the field “account (address)” and press Query.

The result of a balance query on the new contract on the Testnet

The result gives you your balance without the decimal comma after 18 digits. That’s because blockchains don’t calculate with float numbers but full integers. Our contract has 18 digits as most tokens have.

You can now set a comma yourself after 18 digits from the right, or click the number and read the value from the “BNB (1)” row.

The actual balance with the correct amount of 18 digits

However you do it, you have now your total balance you can expect on a relaunch on the mainnet. In the example it is 10384.486795522267790583 CLCT.

You can now check it against your current balance in your wallet of choice and if the numbers equal, you are fine.

What if my numbers don’t match?

We made a snapshot exactly one block before the block where the hacker stole our liquidity (Dec-01–2021 08:58:08 AM +UTC). That means that all transactions occurred in or after this block have changed your balance, but they are not restored. There is only one exception: any withdrawals of CLCT from your ICO time locked wallet after the hack will be restored as well. Anything else will not be restored.

How can I check if I have transacted after the hack?

Add your account address to this URL and you see all your transactions on our contract:

You can also put the address to the filter on the right. You see something like this:

All CLCT transactions filtered to a specific account

If you hover over the Age column you see the exact date of your transaction.

All transactions after the hack (after Dec-01–2021 08:58:08 AM +UTC) are not part of the snapshot and thus are not restored. Only exception are Withdraw transactions from our time locked wallet for ICO investors.

If you add the Non-Withdrawal transaction values (IN: sum/positive, OUT: sub/negative) you get the difference of your current balance and your restored balance.

What if I still believe your snapshot is not correct?

Then you need to give your account to our mods along with proof what’s wrong and your expected balance to be restored. Please keep in mind that only transactions until Dec-01–2021 08:58:08 AM +UTC are taken into the snapshot. We will check it and get back to you asap.



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